It is our pleasure to introduce to you, our Master - Hathayogi Nikam Guruji who formulated; propagated this course selflessly for over 50 years.

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The course, which we get now, is in fact, fine-tuned by Nikam Guruji over these 50 years. In his pursuit of Yoga, he did encounter several techniques, which were not suitable for family dwellers. Such exercises were promptly excluded. When Yoga was a growing 'market', he insisted on teaching it in the most traditional way - free of charge. He did so throughout his tenure. Nikam Guruji founded the organization "Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir" which today runs classes all over Mumbai, imparting free knowledge of Yoga. With his great dedication & organizational skill, Guruji nurtured this voluntary organization from scratches to over 50 branches. This inspired hundreds of volunteers who followed his footsteps. For this selfless & dedicated services rendered to the society, Nikam Guruji earned honors from dignitaries such as the Defence Minister of India, Chief Minister of Maharashtra state, then Chief Minister of Bombay state, the Speaker of lower house of Maharashtra State etc. For his research in the fields of herbal medicine and Yogic healing, he was awarded the title "Gem of Alternative Medicines" by The Centre of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta. In spite of the minimum education he went through, the list of diseases he successfully cured is endless - Asthma, Heart disorders, diabetes, spine disorders, skin disorders, even cancers.

Coming from a poor farmer's family, he grew up to be a champion wrestler and an athlete. A policeman by profession, he had surprised the crowds by his astounding feats of strength. Driving a loaded truck over his chest, holding a running jeep with bare hands, breaking huge stones with hand were part of his demonstrations at the police department. Over the years to come, he realised the futility of such showmanship and turned his attention towards spirituality & Hathayoga. To his disappointment, he found the so-called Gurus more interested in money rather than the student's sincerity. He then turned to the ancient scriptures for guidance and vowed to propagate Yoga absolutely free of any charges. His doors were open to all - poor, rich, men, women, all religions and races.

Realizing that it is women, rather than men who mould the future of a family, society, nation, and humanity, he laid great emphasis on practice of Yoga by women. He goes to the extent of saying that the destiny of a man depends on how happy he has kept his wife. In his preaching one clearly observes great stress on hard-work, self-confidence and on being self-dependent. Dependence upon blessing, magic, miracles is completely rejected. According to him, these things breed lethargy, inaction and weakness of mind.

After 50 years of rigorous hard work to propagate Yoga, he was convinced that his worldly tasks were completed. This great soul then fasted over 9 months and laid down his physical body. Today, a street named after him in the city of Thane stands as the proof of love and respect he earned from the masses. Ambika Yoga Kutir proudly displays his marble statue in its headquarters at Thane.