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The 12 week Basic Course is as advised by Hathayogi Nikam Guruji......traditional, involving cleansing techniques, postures, meditation and relaxing techniques as prescribed in the ancient Yogic texts. More focus is on cleansing techniques which can be easily practiced by a common householder.

"Shauch-kriyas" or "Shat-Karmas" are body cleansing techniques advised in Yoga. They remove blockages in nostrils, throat, intestines etc. and form an extremely important set of exercises of Yoga. Cleansing techniques are found to heal ailments like Constipation, Asthama, Skin disorders etc.

Click here to view the postures of a bowel-cleansing technique Shankha-Prakshalan

"Asan" or postures is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. It means holding the body still and steadfast in a given posture for a predefined, prolonged period. Asans remove the inertia and lethargy from body. They make the body light, supple and active. Different postures address different organs of the body and enhance their efficiency.

Click here to see the photographs of Nikam Guruji Yoga Kutir's basic-course Asans (postures) and Cleansing techniques , performed by our instructors.

The Sun-Salute or the Surya Namaskaar can be viewed by Click here

Caution : Do not try any of these on your own !

Here is a list of some of the contents.......

No Asanas Exercises
1 Netra Snaan A simple eye-wash for cleansing of eyes.
2 Pranakarshan Breath control for pacifying the mind.  
3 Shoulder exercise For loosening muscles and joints of shoulders.
4 Bhrama Mudras Neck Exercises
5 Yoga Mudras Forward bends that make the spine flexible
6 Kapalbathi A breathing technique that helps to get rid of blockages the in nostrils
7 Ujjayi A breathing technique for cleansing of throat andstrengthening the lungs
8 Omkaar Simple meditation
9 Sheetakari Cooling breath to remove excess heat from the body
10 Sheetali Another, more intense cooling breath
11 Vayusar Breathing technique to get rid of excess wind in the stomach
12 Agnisar A stomach exercise to get rid of constipations etc
13 Uddiyan Study of 'locks' to stimulate inner glands
14 Jala-dhauti Cleansing of stomach using water
15 Tratak A technique to improve eye-sight
16 Shavasan The 'Corpse-Posture' to relax body and mind
17 Jala-Neti Nasal cleansing
18 Surya-Namaskar A cycle of postures to strengthen the body and make it flexible
19 Pavan-Muktasan A posture to get rid of excess wind from the stomach
20 Sarvangasan A posture to promote blood supply to the brain
21 Matsyasan A posture to strengthen the spine, ribs and lungs
22 Halasan A forward bending posture that strengthens the waist
23 Kandharasan A backward bend to strengthen the thighs, waist and spine
24 Chakrasan The 'Wheel Posture' to strengthen the limbs and spine
25 Shalabhasan The 'Locust St#FFFFFFance' to prevent spine and back ailments
26 Naukasan The 'Canoe Posture' to prevent spine and back ailments
27 Bhujangasan The 'Serpent Stance' to strengthen the spine and arms
28 Dhanurasan The 'Bow-string Stance' for limbs and spine
29 Paschimottanasan A forward bend to enhance digestion
30 Akarna-Dhanurasan The 'Archer's Stance' for limbs
31 Ardha-Macchindrasan The spinal twist for kidney disorders and diabetics
32 Gomukhasan A posture to stretch the shoulders and hips.
33 Ushtrasan The 'Camel Stance' for the spine